Karrington Valenzuela

Attentive, Observant & Empathic. Just some of the words that can describe my time with Diamond Creative LLC. Having been a drag performer for 10+ years, I have managed to complete photo shoots as my persona as second nature. However, a photo shoot that not only shows myself, but myself in a way that shows my body that I have ever shown, or felt comfortable to show, was a feeling of like being on another planet. Having Tia as my photographer, not only made me feel more at ease, but I felt listened to. Having no experience on “fitness photo shoots,” I certainly had a vision of what I would LIKE to do; However, Tia listened, advised & put those puzzle pieces together that made the gorgeous photos that came to be the final product. I fully trust Diamond Creative LLC for not only my future endeavors, but recommend that others entrust Tia, with theirs.